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Commercial Fencing Services

All-Rite Fence: Steel and Aluminum Ornamental Fencing

Steel & Aluminum
Ornamental Fencing

Steel and aluminum ornamental fencing are nearly maintenance-free. Compared to traditional fencing materials like wood and chain link, steel and aluminum offer extra durability and come in various styles, colors, sizes, and finishes. Steel is rust-resistant while aluminum fencing is rust-proof, but both are fully recyclable.

  • More Curb Appeal
  • Durable & Long-Lasting
  • Heightened Security
  • Low Maintenance
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Vinyl Fencing

PVC, aka vinyl or polyvinyl, is one of the most popular fencing materials. Unlike other options, PVC is weather-resistant and does not fade when exposed to the sun. It also cannot rot or become infested with insects, making it an ideal replacement for wood. Our Tampa fence company installs and repairs PVC fencing for organizations of all sizes and industries.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Increases Privacy
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Maintenance
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All-Rite Fence: Automatic Gate Operators

Gate Operators

Automatic gate operators provide an additional layer of security for your property and can be installed quickly. Our Gainesville fence company installs various types of operators including slide, swing, vertical, lift, and barrier arms with different entry options like card readers, keypads, etc.

  • Enhanced Safety
  • Cost-Effective
  • Low Maintenance
  • Maximum Convenience
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Temporary Fencing

Temporary chain link fencing is an affordable way to add another layer of security for your commercial project. It is easy to assemble and can be effortlessly moved and reused for another purpose. Our temporary chain link fencing can be temporarily fixed in the ground, mounted on stands, and can also come with privacy screen.

  • Easy to Transport
  • Quick & Easy Setup/Removal
  • Highly Durable
  • Cost-Effective
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All-Rite Fence: Temporary Fencing
All-Rite Fence: Panic Gates

Panic Gates

Panic gates are a huge asset during an emergency. They remain locked from the outside, preventing unauthorized access while allowing those inside to exit safely. Panic gates are a vital security feature at playgrounds, schools, pools, parks, etc. and can save lives in the event of a dangerous situation.

  • Increases Building Security
  • Maximizes Student Safety
  • Limits Control From Outside
  • Deters Trespassers
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Highway Guardrails

Our Fort Pierce fence company specializes in highway guardrails, which provide an effective safety barrier to help protect motorists that are losing control of their vehicle or drifting off the road. Railing redirects automobiles back onto the highway and, in the event of a head-on impact, can absorb the effects and energy from the accident.

  • Maximum Road Safety
  • Visible Boundary Markers
  • Damage & Accident Prevention
  • Traffic Direction & Management
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All-Rite Fence: Highway Guardrails
All-Rite Fence: FDOT Railing

FDOT Railing

We use premium materials manufactured from FDOT-certified production Facilities. FDOT railing can withstand harsh weather conditions and help protect pedestrians from the dangers of traffic on roads, highways, bridges, and bike trails.

  • Durable Materials
  • Reliable Safety Barrier
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Our bollards create a barrier against vehicles without limiting pedestrian access. Depending on your specific needs, they can be metal pipes that are concrete-filled or hollow and capped with an aesthetic cover. They play an integral part in traffic management and help alert drivers of a potentially dangerous situations.

  • Protects Against Unauthorized Entry
  • Provides Visible Boundary Markings
  • Safeguards Sensitive Infrastructures
  • Increases Security
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All-Rite Fence: Bollards

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